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We also repair and recondition your own Dyson at superb prices


Very Clean Dysons

Now Guaranteed 6 Months



Every part is stripped down and subjected to an anti bacterial wash at 70 degrees. This is really important when purchasing reconditioned cleaners as there are more bacteria in a vacuum than your toilet seat!!!


What does reconditioned mean?


Ours are mechanically as new items. Some are unused. There may be the odd cosmetic scratch. Nothing more than you would expect from a good used Dyson. All MOTORS are New or Reconditioned as new. They usually last about 5 years in normal use before needing servicing. All our items come with a "USER SERVICE" sheet which will instruct you on emptying, cleaning filters and brushes. Do this and you have a Dyson for life!!!


Our reconditioning is as follows (For the technically minded)


Motors are replaced with recon or new units. Soleplate is cleaned and rollers freed or replaced. Brush bar is cleaned and replaced if worn. Bearings on brushes are lubricated or replaced. The cover is checked for damage and replaced if necessary. Foot is cleaned of marks. Pipes are soaked at 70 degrees and sonic bathed. Wand is checked for hair line cracks. Electrics are tested Inc cable and labelled with dates. Cyclone unit is soaked in bleach and washed out. Bin is scrubbed with wire wool. Finally tested and passed.




I promise that if you can find anything wrong with these Dysons I will PAY for a courier to collect. and refund.





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